Quincy's Home Page

Hi friends, I'm Quincy.
My aristocratic long, long name is now

Multi Bis,Multi Biss,Am/Sp/Fr/Be/Cat/Int
Ch TNT Quincy of Camps

but all my friends call me just, Quincy

My short history

I was born in Amarillo (Tx) and I lived there with Twinkey, Terry, Ginger (mum), Roc (Dad), my brothers and sisters and a bunch of other Malamutes like me. When I was 3 months old, Eugeni and Helena took my sister and me to Europe. I'm not sure why they chose me because at that time, I didn't look really nice. Isn't it true ? The flight was as bad as you can imagine; now I'm used to it because I travel a lot due to the thousand activities at Sno Camps , we make shows, we do agility and ski-joring, we visit our friends (mainly Malamute owners, so I can meet a lot of four pawed friends) and we walk every day through the fresh and fragrant Mediterranean forests. I live now in Catalunya, a small country inside Spain, near Barcelona, with Eugeni, Helena, Griselda, Guim, Kina (my lovely Kina) and the small Bubbie. Kina is now 6 years old and she is the best digger of our country. Eugeni tells me that we used to have a nice and green garden at home, but now we have only a mines field. She is also one of the best thiefs I know,and being with her you can be sure to have lots of fun. Bubbie is the new arrived bitch. She's nice too, but she definitely doesn't smell as good as Kina does. Bubbie is now 2 years old.
Since July 1st, I'm the proud father of 9. Six noisy girls and three quieter boys.They live with their mom, Kaya, and they are starting very well at shows. So, not bad. Look at the pictures of one of the boys. I'm not sure if they will look like me or like his mom.
Two of them, Laz and Scully got 1st puppy mal (and best puppy) and 1st puppy bitch at the Spanish National Specialty Show, under Ruth Zimmermann.
Look at me with two of my sons. The one on the right it's me, of course, in the top left, one of the boys, Son and the girl is Yuka. Eugeni take this picture at Alicante show, where myself I was BOB, Bubbie BOS, and this two boys where BOB and BOS in young class. In that picture they are 8 months old.

AOM 1997 A.M.C.A. National Specialty

November, 1997, at Louisville A.M.C.A. National Specialty, I got the Award of Merit under Judge Mrs. James E. Clark. My owners can't believe it. They hug me, squeeze me, shake me, why ? just because 100 more nice Mals where in the ring ? I feel myself sure and strong in the ring when Jeannie is with me...

How am I ?

I'm 25 1/4" tall and weigh 88 pounds. I'm Gray and Sable, but with an open white face. > Everybody says that I have a nice head, broad and with small and well placed ears, almond shaped eyes, very dark.
I'm very sound with a deep chest and my gait is balanced, tireless, powerful and spectacular.
My coat is quite good all year round (better than the bitches living with me). I have a nice tail, well carried.
I'm very quiet, with a very good character. I'm friendly to everybody. In fact, I don't like to fight (except of course when another male aproaches my girls).

Look at these pictures if you want to see how I am. You can know a little bit more about our breed looking at my pictures.
Come on!!!

Please, have a look to my family, press my .

You will find also nice pictures of dad and mum.

Do you want to meet some of my friends ?

Please, enter here if you want to meet some of my best friends in Spain. You will know Kusko (I think he is not a malamute but he is a good boy too), J.D., Umalook, Clip and some other fellows.
  • Kusko. a Greenlandog
  • Umalook a red Malamute
  • J.D. Ch. Wilwoods Yukon Jack
  • Clip I will meet him later to run the infinite heaven's prairies.

  • ........ Area under construction. Working hard........

    The Shows

    The shows are an important part of my life.On the begining, I found them very borring and I didn't like them at all, but now... Yeah ! I find the shows very exciting. Especially when I go to the group or the BIS, with everybody claping... In the States, Jeannie Wild (and Mary !!), finish me in just 7 straight wins.If you want to know what I have done in shows, please enter

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