The Garden

Welcome to the Garden ! I've picked three seeds to plant here. Hopefully they will grow into the three things I love besides my family and friends...

Click on Solar System VRML to see a picture of the solar system in 3D (need VRML viewer like Live3d).

Mountain biking around Martinez

  1. Castle Rock ride

Here are some MB links I like/find useful..


Martinez tends to be a fine place for gardening. The rolling hills and mild climate allow for a long hearty growing season. My folks have always nutured gardens and trees and flowers in where they live (see pic below).I suppose they indirectly planted the seed in me.

I have a small tiered garden in my side yard which keeps me busy and helps me feel closer to the earth. You can't help but feel closer when you have your hands in the dirt and are hand watering your little plants at 6:30 in the morning before work. Tina and I planted various flowers & vegetables in spring. We really liked the mammoth sunflowers and the snap peas - both grew quite well. sunflowers+me

Listed below are a few garden links

  1. Northern Gardening
  2. Ortho Page

tree pic.
This is a picture from my father's garden.


Here are a couple Martinez links...
  1. Alhambra Highschool
  2. Martinez Unified School District
  3. Martinez Homepage
  4. Contra Costa County

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