to the "Queen  
of Hearts"  
An Interpretation of the Higher Purpose 
of the Death
of Diana, Princess of Wales
July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997
By David Cousins
The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, created a massive opportunity for all of humanity to open up their heart chakra and to enter into a new vibrational pattern. The pattern of this process gradually unfolded during the week following her car accident and was intensely focused on the day of her funeral.  

On the day of the accident, I noticed that the vibrational pattern of people as a whole was emotionally charged with quite a lot of people going into a heightened overdrive, tears trickling down from their eyes, and their whole auric vibration being opened up in preparation for a healing. As people went into a state of disbelief, their pattern of energy immediately dropped and there was a release of dark energy within the strata of the genetics of their body form. 

As this happened, their aura contracted and got very, very dark. As the week unfolded, and for most people during the funeral procession itself, a generated energy pattern from the lower centres started to push up into the heart chakra. The energy in their heart centre then started to focus, and their heart chakras were forced open. This is the key to the higher purpose of the life and death of Diana. For many people, especially on the day of the funeral, their human side was deep in doom and gloom, releasing ectoplasm of a very black, slimy kind. Very few people were really in their bodies. Their astral bodies were hovering 2-3 metres above their human form where there seemed to be a huge excitement among the inner guides, with an inter-change of energy patterns, an inter-change of celebrations, and everybody exchanging karmic contracts.  

Looking at the flowers which were being laid outside the palaces, I could see a lot of scurrying and activity among the divas, elementals, and fairy folk who were meeting there. Among them were white light-beings who seemed to be wearing Shamanistic robes. They were using the places where flowers were laid as a focus, an opportunity to initiate people within the memory sequence that was required at this time, so that the restoration of memories could then come back for the race as a whole. This was very much a global happening, wherever flowers were being laid.  

The funeral  




On the morning of Diana's funereal, I turned on the television at 9:30am, observing the funeral cortege moving down the road, flanked by the soldiers, and was surprised at the huge release of negative energy that poured into my living room. It was like a waterfall of black, slimy energy which continued on an ongoing basis.  

Observing the energy of the scene via the television it fluctuated from being very, very black, to spontaneous different colours with some white. Overall the energy seemed to go through a releasing process. As I was watching the television I was symbolised as a white rose. My inner team were gathered around about me, and connected with that, was what I call the 'agency effect'. This agency effect works within nine circles, each circle being split in to nine sub-circles making eighty-one in all. In all, these nine main and sub-circles represent the two and half million people who have a vested interest, being part of the mind of one, to focus the energy according to the Cosmic Christ and the spiritual hierarchy of the past, future, and present. This focus of emotional energy allowed those of the mind of one to irradiate outwards into the captive audience who were viewing the funeral on all levels.  

As I looked past the energy coming out of my television, and looked at the funeral procession, I saw a huge energy swirl around the coffin which was vibrating with the essence of a heart chakra - in fact the coffin was a huge heart chakra itself. This was symbolised as a golden rose. The energy swirl of the rose was spinning from left to right, pulsing out and in, to a total of about half a mile. The energy swirl was also rippling with what could be described as blue fire.  

I tend to see these energies now as nine circles - so I saw the energy coming from the coffin in the same way, with an inner circle, very, very intense, with a concentrated flow of gold white energy in the centre, spreading out approximately 8-9 metres on either side. Then eight outer circles spreading further outwards affecting everyone within that half mile radius.  

In the actual centre of these nine rings of different energies was a white rose. The white rose was emitting etheric sparks - as if something etherical was brewing - and every now and then a few sparks would leap off and disappear into the ethers and, occasionally, into the odd individuals heart centre in the crowd.  

While I watched the funeral, I noticed that a few people, not many, were accepting these blue sparks, which were possibly sparks of intuitive wisdom, which seemed to go into all of their chakra centres rather than just one. As someone accepted a blue spark, as it hit their auric field, a rearrangement took place within their subtle anatomy on both a cellular level and on the inner planes. This brought their guides pounding in and suitable adjustments were made both on the inner and outer planes by their guides who were grinning hugely - but at the same time with serious intent because the occasion was of such great opportunity.  

Those people who made the effort to physically go and watch the funeral were all touched by an impulse of divinity, either in the form of this blue electrical energy, or by the input energy of the white rose which was in the centre of the energy swirl of the coffin represented by the golden rose. The white rose symbolised the Avataric promise, the Avataric Will in motion. It was rather like a new song being sung.  

Heart energy  


As I peered at the people in the crowd, I could also see what this energy swirl was doing. Initially before the funeral cortege reached them, everyone's solar plexus centres were open and again they were all releasing a massive amount of dark energy. (Hence, so many tears). As the funeral cortege with its heart chakra energy swirled past people, their heart centres popped open like there was no tomorrow. The degree to which their heart centres opened was dependent upon the degree of electrical energy that their body could cope with. Some people's heart centres opened wide (*about the size of two hands) others just the size of a 2p piece. But everyone's heart centres opened, there were no exceptions.  

The vibratory essence of the coffin was also affecting the horses, and a large unicorn, with about a 40 metre wing span, was marking time over them. The unicorn - symbolising the essence of will of various life forms over the next 3,000 years, and the vibrations that were being opened up in people, in a multi-dimensional sense, rather than those being addressed within the structure of the planet.  

The soldiers escorting the coffin, the policemen and policewomen lining the route were also affected in the same way. All their heart centres were opened, some more focused than others. Those policemen and women, some who were crying silently, were also helping to transmute energy. One policewoman who was photographed in the papers with her head bowed, crying silently, was etherically symbolised as a very pale, violet rose and around her were her guides focusing the release of earthbound children through her emotional communion with the higher energies being released.  

The people on the receiving end of this swirling energy were being swamped, not only with heart energy, but also with high frequency light which was being generated by a figure, human like of the Cosmic Christ - who was focused above London. Extremely large in size, 15 miles or perhaps somewhat larger. That focus of the Cosmic Christ energy is still there, and that thought form, rather than the actual Cosmic Christ himself, will be over London for the next five years.  

Although the Cosmic Christ energy was focused in the coffin, a shard of very thin energy approximately two fingers wide - was also being sent straight down into the core of the planet and into the liquid energy that represents Earth's pattern and sound. Through this there seemed to be an adjustment being made within the shard of energy which controls the pulse of the planet and the frequencies that balance the Earth's frequencies. Almost as if the axis was being restored and focused in a slight different way.  

During the funeral procession, when Diana's essence was active in the sense that she was following behind the funeral cortege itself, the Cosmic Christ was actually being represented in the physical person, dressed in white robes - arms outstretched to the side embracing the everything. His head was bare and he had on light in the most purest of forms focused in the principle of unconditional love.  

The Cosmic Christ was stationary and standing around him were 56 larger light beings with the various inputs of energy coming in from other planets. In this way a timeless wave of energy was created that resonated down into humanity through the essence of the entity that was known as the Queen of Hearts! As the 'Queen of Hearts' brought the Cosmic Christ through in this way, and captured for that particular time period, the essence of those who had the will of good in them, opening them up to a much higher structure of light through the Christ light, that was deliberately exercised by the focus of will from mental light to astral light, to bring about a change of heart on all levels, in all subjects, as opposed to just one or two.  

These 56 robed beings were radiating multiple colours and were generating a huge electrical circuit round the planet. They were drawing energy from other planetary systems and were also linking into other groups within those systems. For instance, there were three beings in a triangular focus of energy around Jupiter.

Angel of  
From the Sun, I saw an interesting energy pattern, with an intense indigo blue light coming from the Sun going into the third-eye of the Christ, and that shard of energy was passed down through His feet and into the third-eye and heart of Diana, who was walking behind her coffin with the Angel of Death.  

I saw the Angel of Death as gold light. Both Diana and the Angel of Death were quite tall, about 20 metres tall. Although we saw the physical form of Diana while she was alive as quite slight, her astral body had 'a lot of muscle', in the sense that her auric space was pulsating with gold light, and she was deeply interested in what was actually being said by the Angel of Death, who was explaining the formula of what was going on, and the part she was playing in it.

As Diana walked behind her coffin, she wasn't giving energy as such in a direct way, but was giving it in an indirect way because here energy was linked into the Cosmic Christ and into her coffin which was the focal point for everybody.  

Although during the funeral procession, the Cosmic Christ on one level looked suspiciously like the Master Jesus in the old biblical pattern. On another level He just looked like a normal person wearing white robes. But He was radiating an inner fire, especially from his eyes. As I looked at His eyes, it was almost like looking into space and seeing the totality of the colour spectrum. It also felt as if all the stars were shining back at me at the same time. It was light profound, and I suppose the best way to describe it is absolute light!  

So the Cosmic Christ was the process of absolute light, an aspect of the Paramatma coming down through the imagery of the Cosmic Christ, focused over London, which is the heart centre of Britain, and Britain is the throat centre of the planet. The energy therefore was corded in to the throats of those who were part of the circuit and vibratory network represented by the various life forms that had an interest focused in that which is termed time.  

As the funeral procession went past Buckingham Palace, I saw the guides of the Queen and the Royal family - about two per person - standing just behind them. As the funeral cortege went past, the light from it dwarfed their energy system and Prince Philip, ethically went down and knelt as a recognition of his humility coming to the surface. As he did this he was given a small white rose bud. The Queen was given a large blue rose and in that was a pulse of white light which went into her third eye. Her sister, Princess Margaret, was given a pink rose which went into her heart centre and third eye, which I feel was for the return of love.  

As Princess Diana's essence walked past them, the focus of the energy which came over, quite specifically, was forgiveness. There was a feeling that whatever was of the earth was now of no more concern, because the etheric energy pattern of Diana was growing. Having gone through the trauma and the shock of the pre-death pattern, she was being released from the earth plane. So the full force of the energy, etherically, being transmitted was beginning to build as Diana walked down her 'Calvary road', to the Cathedral and what was waiting for her there.

At the  
As the funeral procession arrived at the Cathedral and they took the coffin off the gun carriage, a small degree of the coffin's vibratory essence stayed with the carriage because the etheric circuitry was really binding, but the main vibratory essence was still focused around the coffin. 
As the soldiers were walking down the aisle with the coffin on their shoulders, it was almost like the energy pattern of Jesus Christ again walking with the Cross of His. At times the soldiers appeared to stagger with the weight of the coffin, even though they are highly trained for such an event, but it was not the weight of the coffin which caused them to stagger, but their own vibrational patterns which were trying to adjust to the strong vibrational heart energy pulsating from the coffin.  
Before the funeral procession reached Westminster Abbey, the whole base of the Cathedral was quite 'stinky' with people coughing and spluttering ectoplasm (including the priesthood). As the funeral cortege moved into the Cathedral, a huge rush of white light proceeded it and as the vibrational energy of the coffin moved down the aisle, the base of the church started to vibrate upwards - almost like heat creeping up a pipe. The energy pattern of the Westminster Abbey then went from very dark to a crystalline white. But it didn't stop there. From crystalline white it moved into multiple colours - almost like the movement of music when you play the musical notes and the whole vibration begins to take off.  

When the first of Diana's sisters stood up to say her words, Diana was standing just behind her and gave her a little purple/white rose, and a forget-me-not symbolising what was taking place and that the essence of the earthly Diana was there with her.



Whilst Diana was walking behind the funeral cortege she was just in the form of her higher self, very, very big. But during the service, the physical presence of Diana, as she was of the earth, was also there - except that she was dressed in a long white robe, almost reminiscent of her having baptism. Her hair was pulled back a little bit and she had sparkly flowers around her hair.  

During the service several things were happening. During the service, the Queen Mother had her wedding ring etherically taken off and a different one put on, symbolising a release, because both Diana and the Queen Mother have and had the same charisma, the same sparkle when the conditions were right, and the sparkling of Diana in death was far brighter, in some ways, than in life. Diana was also going round to different people in the congregation giving out roses. Each rose was a different colour. Each carried a vibrational essence of an aspect of the work she was doing on earth and symbolised the work ahead. Each rose was a challenge, an opportunity, for that person to carry on what she had started. She gave a white rose to Tony Blair as he spoke of 'through a glass darkly', and she gave a blue rose to Sarah Ferguson. Elton John was given a white rose.

of Light  



Diana stood just behind each person as they stood up to say their piece. When her brother stood up to give his passionate speech, the black rose he came in with crumbled - especially as he got emotional towards the end - and energy rushed up from his lower centres to form a white rose in his heart centre.  

As this was happening, an impulse of energy from the Cosmic Christ moved through Hyde Park and people responded with heart and soul.  

As this impulse of energy empowered their heart chakra, they started to clap and the clapping grew in intensity, just like one of these waves of energy that move through a football match. So the energy of the clapping moved towards the intensity of energy focused in the Cathedral.  

The Cathedral is on a series of ley lines, and as the wave of clapping carried the energy impulse of the Cosmic Christ into the cathedral, a massive explosion of light went down the ley lines into all parts of the land and into all parts of the globe connected to those leys.  

As sound of the clapping - representing the Cosmic Christ, the essence, the whisper, the divinity, the road to the way home - rolled down the aisle towards the coffin, I noticed that the larger, higher self aspect of Diana was holding a pile of golden dust (like fairy dust). Diana blew one single kiss into the centre of this golden dust, which sent out a shard of energy carrying millions of sparks of white light which went to everybody who is part of the Network of Light. These sparks also went out to the Royal family and everybody connected with Diana, not just those who had at some time been in her physical presence and those who had lined the roads of the funeral procession. But also to everybody who had visited one of the temporary shrines where flowers had been laid, and to all those linked into her via radio and television.  

As this 'one final kiss' - this symbol of humility, symbol of love - went out around the planet these tiny shards of white light began, almost excitedly, to form within the planet earth itself, a structure, a rose, that is going to grow and grow within all life forms. In other words, this symbolised the first stages of the unspoken word being released as the heart centres of all life forms are now being stimulated - irrespective of the overshadowing of the vibratory input energy that is currently taking place at this moment in time.  

My feeling is that this vibration will carry on building over the next five years. Almost as if a thought form has now been wrapped around the planet which will create an artificial spin. During this period of time it will allow a much greater rapport, telepathically and otherwise. In this way the necessary adjustments can be made, especially in governmental agencies, in political and religious groups, in fact, everywhere where a structural change has to take place.  

It is almost as if that one kiss has melted the opposition that was, and will be. So the new 'doorway' can now be simply opened. With that one kiss a lot of darker doorways all over the world simply slammed shut, howls of discontent from the darker agencies faded into silence, and then a 'very smooth doorway' was opened in the Himalayas, in certain parts of Mexico and on the ocean bed.  

Looking at the pyramidal aspect, on Mars for example, I also saw a shard of light come in from there. In other words, a circuit from that one kiss opened not only the hearts and minds of people but also the essence of life and the encodement that had been latent and which was, in that moment, lit.  

The crystal skulls were also lit up, as if it was fairy time, as did all the crystals that had an associated pattern of energy linked into that moment. In other words, the crystals paid their own homage in whatever way was necessary.

Candle in  
the Wind  


When Elton John sang Candle in the Wind, Diana stood behind him, hand slightly on his shoulder, and was swaying in time to the music. Her heart centre was pumping out a lot of light. Elton John's heart and soul played their own celestial music through the song. He was also overshadowed slightly by the input energy of the Cosmic Christ manifesting through his music which touched many millions of people.  

As that song is replayed by people, over and over again, it will rekindle and stimulate the heart chakras within the essence of humanity and all other life forms.  

The Pathway  
On a physical note, when Diana gave her Panorama interview she was sowing the seed of the idea of 'Queen of Hearts', preparing all of humanity to link into her through the heart. When she later gave away a lot of her wardrobe for the charity auction, she was on one level preparing for death. The manner of her physical death was perfect for the soap opera ending that was needed to stimulate the hearts of humanity. The age of her sons is also a significant pattern because the sympathies of people, on a national level, were captured either through them or the Royals through their entrenched pattern, having to surrender to the humility, to the love and to the joy of the moment. The sadness as everybody grieved for themselves for all that they had lost, in whatever way was then being focused.  

So the bottom line is that everybody was being given the opportunity to release loss per se, as a preparation for the rebirth, or resurrection, which was taking place.  

When the service ended and the coffin was escorted out of the cathedral Diana did not follow, since directly outside the cathedral a white-gold pathway opened up - it was quite wide, about 30-40 metres wide and Diana simply shot straight up, like a rocket, into the light.  
The golden pathway home symbolised the Pathway of the Golden Thread - the unique pathway followed by those selected individuals, incarnate on earth, who have earned the right to bring the Divine Light of the Father's purpose into physical matter.  

On either side of the pathway, her friends and family on the inner planes who were waiting for her grand exit, were all clapping because they recognised the importance of what she had done. They were all grinning hugely at a superb performance and at the release of an individual soul coming back into the hearts and minds of those who had missed her greatly.  

Dodi Fayed was one of Diana's true soul mates in a physical sense. He was met on the inner planes by light at the time of his death and when Diana was travelling up the golden pathway he was one of the first people who came to meet her. When they met, there was a reunion, a celebration and a continuance of what had been started, as opposed to it all coming to a full stop in the way many people on earth view death.  

Although Diana didn't continue with the funeral cortege as it traveled on to the burial site, the chakra swirl continued to focus on the coffin, and will continue to vibrate from its final resting place.  



As the coffin was carried along the motorway with the police escort, a tremendous amount of transmutation of negative energy took place of all the dark energy that makes up motorways. The police, who symbolised the healing force in motion, were actually neutralising and transmuting energy as they escorted the light down these darker pathways. Bearing in mind that motorways are like modern day ley lines. The flowers being thrown at the hearse were symbolising all the hopes and aspirations of people. The flowers thrown by young children symbolised promises for the future.  

In this way, the funeral cortege blazed a roadway of light out of London in a very specific way. Again, all the people who stopped to watch the coffin as it traveled along the motorway had vibratory essence of life flowing over them.  

Even though the essence of Diana had left the funeral procession, the vibratory essence of the Cosmic Christ was still working through the process of intent, which focused in the coffin itself. Now that the coffin is in its final resting place, that heart chakra vibration is still very, very active. Whilst some people felt sad that Diana could not be buried with her family, this was also part of the Greater Plan, as her ancestral burial place represents that old energy. As Diana's coffin is vibrating with the energy of the new, it needed to be buried in a place of peace and beauty, and the island where the coffin lays, will become a very powerful and ferocious power point as the energy continues to build over the next five years.  

During the funeral, while the essence of Diana was still earthbound, the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ was physically active as a personality essence When Diana shot up the golden pathway and went home, the essence of the Christ remained as a structural thought form, irradiating and sending energy out, and is still being fed by those 56 beings of light who will remain on station for approximately five earth years, or longer if necessary, depending on the absorption rate of the energy required to go into the human family.  

According to the esoteric betting shop upstairs, there is a 91% probability that in five years time sufficient energy will have been absorbed for individual components - that means humans and other life forms - to carry that light themselves, in the same way as is happening now through these other light beings that are described as the mind of one. But humanity will then carry it in the physical essence by drawing light right down through their crown, and maintain it in their heart centre.  

In other words, this is a massive opportunity for humanity to open their hearts and to maintain that vibration and not to go back down into their solar plexus. So these grand old beings, the ancient ones, will remain on station until sufficient people can manage to hold the frequency.  

So the message is simple. Be happy, don't worry. Love will always find a way as there is a divine plan in operation.  

Photos obtained 
from both 
Buckingham Palace 
and the BBC 
web sites
 David Cousins 
September 1997
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