Amy Kathleen Ryan

Author of Shadow Falls


I could hear it resonating through the canyon. The force of the water seemed to make even the air vibrate, and the sky was filled with mist. I remembered how it had looked to me when I was a child, a lazy streak of water draping itself over the cliff. With Grandpa’s hands closed around my waist, I would stand on the lower rung of the railing and lean into the canyon so I could feel like I was flying over the Yellowstone River. I knew that as long as Grandpa held me I could never fall. Nothing scared me then. As a scrawny little kid, I had been as brave as Cody.


          Now, every time I glanced toward the bottom of the canyon I imagined my body, broken and bloody on the rocks below. Like Gary. Like Cody.



What reviewers are saying about Shadow Falls:


“Ryan describes the wilderness surrounding Jackson in loving detail, grounding this rich and rewarding narrative in a spectacular place.” Kirkus Reviews


Teens will enjoy Annie's honest emotions and her wilderness adventures.” Booklist


“A varied cast of memorable characters... reinforces the themes of grief, love, loss, and healing. Exceptional book.” KLIATT


a "moving story of loss and redemption by first-time author Amy Kathleen Ryan." Midwest Book Review Bookwatch


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Shadow Falls is set in the spectacular Wyoming wilderness, near where Amy grew up. This is a picture of Amy visiting Yellowstone Canyon:



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