Cat's are NOT water-resistant!

Hi. I'm Reggie. I'm a cat. This page is my view on and of the world.


I'm a tabby-siamese mix. My humans complain that I'm too vocal sometimes, but that's cuz they just can't seem to understand me. I'm now almost 9 years old. My favorite activities are sleeping, eating and cuddling with my mama human. I'm neutered (shudder) and declawed (double shudder), not by my current humans but by those terrible humans I had before them. My current humans adopted me from a humane society 3 years ago.

Mama says I'm not allowed outside unless I'm on a leash and harness (yuck) because I don't have my claws. It's kinda fun when she takes me outside, if it's warm and there aren't any horrible cars around. I hate cars.

A few months ago, my humans and I moved to North Carolina. They drove us 800 miles in a truck!! I complained myself hoarse. But now that we're here, I can see why they wanted to come here. The weather is much better than in Wisconsin, where we came from. And there are cats that live outside that visit the door sometimes. Now that I've hissed and growled my superiority to them (after all, I live INSIDE!), we get along fine. Except they have fleas and they gave them to me. But Mama got some medicine from the vet (I guess a vet does have some good uses) and now I'm flea-free.

Would you like to hear about where we live? If you do, go here

Are you wondering about my page title? Well, it's true. Cats are NOT water-resistant! I know I'm not. You put me near water and you better be ready to fight! Well, Mama says that's not quite true. She says I'm not as bad as I used to be. Would you like to hear the story of the first bath Mama gave me? She says it's funny to humans. I guess it is kinda funny now that I look back at it.

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