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Well this section is for people who would like to know about the history of this site. It is officially in the 3rd year of existence and in the 9th incarnation of what originally was "The Spider's Web". This page has the header graphics from each time around and a descrition of what was contained on the page it also kinda shown my progress as an HTML writer over the years. This page is interesting to me and I hope it is to you too.

I consider myself very eclectic. Liking everything from Tori Amos to Unwrittin Law. I also enjoy playing music, I'm in a punk rock band called Static. Any who the music page is a chance for me the talk about the stuff I love and also to devote pages to the artist I am influenced by. It also has links to stuff like guitar companies, drum manufacturers, and effects pedal producers so if you would like to find out more about me and the music I love. Visit here.

I'm involved in many thing thru my own personal convictions such as animal rights, human rights, and other thing of that nature.. I'm also against animal testing or cruelty of any sort and this is the place were I go to whine about what bothers me in society.. This page is primarily so that people who don't know me can know what I'm all about because activism is the only way to bring about change so basically if you want to learn all about Free Tibet or being a Vegetarian or about the Surfrider Foundation, Greenpeace, and P.E.T.A. then come on in and enjoy.

This is the page that I have devoted to all the wonderfull little places in the cyberhood that I call home, or at least home away from home . Whether its on of my friends pages or a page that I really enjoy going to this corner of my page is all about cool.. Or at least what I think is cool *G* so if your looking for a good way to waist a couple years of you life come on in and if you think your page deserves to be in here the TELL ME !!!

My Lair
Well this is my lair and I stress ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK It is a page with interesting content about Hacking, Preaking, Emulation, Carding and lots of other Ileagal stuff that I personally just find as good reading :) and what you do with it is of you own choice but let it be known that everything you find on this page is for educational purposes only so have a good time... just dont try to sue me :P

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8/15/99 - Welcome to my Website.. I'm about to begin my yearly overhaul. Look for new pics, tori, ul, no more teletubies and tons of lame ass fun for the whole family!!

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