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*I am currently busy in life, but expect the page to be overhauled in the coming months.
*This is a WW2 site, but expect a section on the Battle of Shiloh soon.

The War Minister brings you evaluations of WW2 and other things you will find on this great web war page. The War Minister is my own personal page, and the things compiled on The War Minister are strictly my opinion only. Feel free to E-mail me with your comments and opinions, so that I may take them into consideration. I hope that you will enjoy The War Minister.

What Sections Are Completed?

Top 10 Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Turning Points, Worst Ideas, CO's, Links, and Historic Quotes are Complete

Here are the Top Tens of WW2:

Worst Ideas   Turning Point Battles   Commanding Officers 
Tanks Tank Destoyers

Other Goodies:

 Russian KV Series Tanks  Historic Quotes  Great Links   Best Tanks Poll Results! 

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