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Hi, I'm Marla.

Any of my old visitors, sorry I really haven't updated this, but since I'm done with college applications, I'm going to make a good effort!

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or learn some French

and soon to be added ITALIAN!

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and some Funny stuff.

Our newly added Thoughts on the New Year Let's hear your opinion!

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Here is some quotations and stuff for friends and those who are just surfing the web

if any of this doesn't work, please E-mail me and tell me, thanx that will help a LOT!


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Kewl Bean
My favorite band even BEFORE they got all FAMOUS!

You are number

Our 100th guest: Kapil Dass!!! Thanx amigo

Ok, call me confused, but last time I checked my counter on about November 13, it was around 110 people, now today, November 15th, it is some 11,000...? Well i don't mind that much! ;-)

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