Still kickin around!
1996 CBR900RR
I Put up a new page similar to this one.. but I will be updating it.. unlike this one. CLICK HERE NOW to go check it out.
My bike is a 1996 CBR900 with a Hindle pipe, DynoJet stage 1 jet kit, SS front brake lines, Metzeler MEZ1 on rear and the org.stock on front. The picture above is my bike... but it is stock.
The Motor Oil Bible Everything you ever wanted to know aout motor oil but didn't know to ask.
Some Personal Pictures
TheKids 1985 GSXR750 FOR SALEFor more info send mail
Me, in the very early 1970's on a
Kawasaki 350 triple two stroke.
Me in the mid/late 1970's on my dad's
Me, late 70's/early80's, on my
Kawasaki 75 trail bike
Me, early 1980's, on my
1980 Honda CR80
Me, in 1987, on my first street bike
Yamaha 1986 SRX6
My 2nd street bike, in 1987-1988, was a
1981 Yamaha RD350
My 3rd street bike, in 1988-1996, (that's a long fookin stretch eh?) was a
1988 Yamaha RZ 350
Since I don't have a garage my present bike is in my kitchen guarded by a vicious dog!
Dog and BikeBike in Kitchen

My bike completely stock (pic1)
TheKid's 84RZ350 (pic1)
My Dad's Virago

My Sisters 250 Ninja
Some Links
Cbr900 Pages
(I got most, if not all, of these URLs from the CBR900 mailing list)
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Motorcycles (Bev)

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The Official Royal Order of Goobers Motorcycle Page

Other Links
Steinberg's Ontario Motorcycle Insurance Information Homepage
Hot Rods For Sale.. some motorcycles here also.
Email me here cbrboy@reocities.comabout anything concerning this page...looking for more CBR900 list members pages.

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