Adrienne's Volkswagen Site is now a thing of the past. The link you followed must be quite out of date, as it closed down in September, 2001. I hope you enjoyed it in the four years it lasted, but the time came to move on to different things (and different places).

What's happened since then? I grew up and went to college in Oregon. Got a Bachelors degree, moved again, got married, got a Master's degree, and now am employed at a University. I'm still on the web, but I don't use my real name anymore and am not running a VW site.

I still love old VWs, but sold my 1973 bug in April of 2005 out of necessity (needed a big truck to make my move). The new owner, in California, keeps in touch and takes care of "him" quite well.

2007Thanks to everyone who
patronized this site while it
existed. VW people are
wonderful people!

-- Adrienne