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Responsible Free Speech

Welcome to Payton Place!

(No, not the soap opera.)

(Well, not usually.)

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New!What's new:

10/2/96 - Changed the link to the Christian & Missionary Alliance church. (Old page is gone, new page is better.)

9/18/96 - Changed Dave's E-mail link for use in Rostov-on-Don. His mail now comes into a shared account, so make sure you specify that you're writing to him in the subject or early in the message.

9/17/96 - Changed E-mail link for Doug & Susan, and added the new web pages for the client Doug is at, Dade International. (The Dade page has portions still in their infancy.)

9/3/96 - Added a link to Dave's new location, Rostov-on-Don and to Tom's employer Georgia Store Fixtures.


The purpose of this page is to let anyone who knows (or knew) us what's going on with us and our family.  Consider it a hypertext update letter!

Many of the links below are E-mail links.  Feel free to click on them, send us a note and say, "Hi!"  We've heard from friends from high school and college who've manged to find this page, and even from strangers (hello, Don Payton). Let us hear from you!

You are visitor number Counter to Payton Place since it opened on 6/10/96.  (But truth be told, 25% of that amount is probably me just checking to make sure my latest changes look OK.)

*Doug & Susan Payton

Both Doug & Susan attended Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky.  Doug works at Quality Consultants, Inc., a small (but fast-growing) computer software consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is currently working on site at Dade International. Susan is at home with the 3 kiddos; Jennifer Joy (5), Rachel Hope (3) and Erik James (1).

(Kevin Brock, another Asbury College alumnus, also works at QCI.)

*Lt. Col & Mrs. Ernest Payton

"Mom & Dad Payton" have retired from their work in The Salvation Army to their home in Ithaca, New York, where they spent almost all their vacation time over the years.  In the winter, however, they escape the snow and retreat to Bradenton, Florida.

*Rev. & Mrs. James Sunda

"Mom & Dad Sunda" retired from their missionary work for the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Irian Jaya, Indonesia to Atlanta, Georgia so that they could be close to their perfect grandchildren.

*Lt. David Payton

Dave is a minister with The Salvation Army.  He is currently serving in Russia. He was stationed in Pushkin, Russia, a suburb of St. Petersburg until September, 1996, when he moved to Rostov-on-Don.

*Debbie Payton

Debbie is also in Atlanta, Georgia, where she works in the Constituent Services office for Representative John Linder (R-GA). Visit the Linder for Congress website.

*Tom & Margie Ulsh

Tom is a CAD designer and machinist (etc., etc.) at Georgia Store Fixtures and Margie is an administrative assistant at Williams Energy Services.  Their little girl is Heather Marie (4).

*Doug Sunda

Doug is an engineer with Black & Veatch, a constructor of power plants, and is currently on location in Pakistan.

*Louie & Joy Riconda

Louie and Joy live up in Flushing, New York, where Louie is head engineer for a hospital.

Other Family E-mail Addresses:

George & Grace Payton
Lt. Linda Payton
Harry Dunlap, Jr.


Some of Doug's Favorite Links

GeoCities*GeoCities - The host system of this page.  GeoCities will give you space to place your own web pages for free.  This particular page's use of Web space isn't exactly using it to it's fullest, but other examples abound here.  And the price is right!

*Stars! - A well-designed strategy game for Windows 3.1 that can be played against the computer, or against humans on a network, by E-mail or just swapping disks around.  Susan and I enjoy it.

*CRAYON (CReAte Your Own Newspaper) - This service will create a customized Web document that you store on your PC or on their system.  It will contain links to your choice of loads of news, information and entertainment sources.

*Safe For Kids - A list of links that are kid-safe.  (A welcome harbour out here, no?)

Pooh Bear*The Page at Pooh Corner - A wealth of information about that tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff.  Also has some Pooh clip art and background images.

*Savvy Search - Forget all those zillions of search engines; Yahoo, Web Crawler, Lycos, etc.  This search engine polls a dozen of the Web's best snoopers for your criteria (yes, including Yahoo, Web Crawler, Lycos, etc.).  It'll not only search for Web pages, but for files on FTP servers, Usenet news articles and E-mail addresses. (Note:  Once you get there, you may wish to bookmark the actual search form instead of the opening page for quicker access.)

The Right Side of the Web*The Right Side of the Web - My list's political contribution.  Jeff Donels offers a collection of news, information, opinions, humor and links for the connected Conservative.

*The MK Home Page - A place for all kinds of information (and recreation) for Missionary Kids.

Keepers*The Official Promise Keepers Home Page - Official site for information about this movement of evangelical Christian men.

*Four11 - Y'know, like "411 for information"?  I was surprised that they had me in their database of E-mail addresses, but there I was.  Four11 is, therefore, a service for finding folks E-mail addresses.  They collect their information by (apparently) peeking at addresses of E-mail as it zips by, or by having people list themselves with the service.  If you list yourself, you can store other information that others can use to find you (previous/current organization, previous college or high school, etc.)  A listing is free, but you can only store information in three of their categories.  For some bucks, you can fill in more categories.  I found the addresses of friends of mine from Asbury College (students and teachers) as well as in The Salvation Army. (Note: Savvy Search can search this database.)

Responsibility in Free Speech*Responsibility in Free Speech - You may have seen blue ribbons proclaiming "Free Speech Online" on many web pages in protest of the Communications Decency Act. No doubt in response to this, Zondervan, a Christian publishing company, has started a green ribbon campaign in support of all types of responsible free speech. You can't yell "Fire" in a crowded theater if there isn't a fire, and that doesn't infringe on free speech rights. Most of us, however, refrain from that form of speech not because it's against the law, but because we are exercising responsible free speech. Zondervan thinks (as do I) that this same idea of responsibility, if it's good for the "real" world (and it is), ought to be just as good for the online world. They are not calling for laws, but for personal responsibility and awareness of the words we say. In their words, "the true right of free speech is accurately carried out when self-restraint is responsibly exercised". They'll even send you a free Green Ribbon button!


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