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* This page is part of a game called Gallop to Glory , anything of or relating to real life is extremely coincidental! *

Owners: Ashley Gibson and Stephanie Miller
Colors: Sea Green and Violet
Location: Blue Grass Country, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Area: 1,000 acres

Welcome to Mystical Breeze Acres! Stop in on your way over to Kentucky Horse Park(KHP), Some of our horses can be found in the KHP, we also event there! You can't miss us we have over 1,000 acres devoted to our favorite animal, the horse of course! We also have a beautiful river that cuts through our property named Coldwater Creek. When you enter the main barn, you might feel a cool breeze, in fact thats where we got our name. That we believe, Is the first horse who ever let foot in this barn, Gold Streak ( the sire of two of our best stallions, Prancing Gold and Drop O'Gold). Gold Streak was a champion QH Racer who lived to the age of 21 when he died of colic in the main barn. But don't let that frighten you! He is probably galloping past you to see if you have a treat for him, just for old time's sake! Well, We hope you enjoy your stay here at MBA! And like we always say,

Mount up, and prepare for the best ride of your life!!!!

  • Resident Vet~ Lukas Marathon
  • Farrier~ Jessie Jimineze
  • Stallion Manager~ Sarah Popelka and Cayla Damick
  • Breeding Manager~ Brittany Ross




    Ashley Gibson
    Stephanie Miller
    Leona Edwards
    Richard Yingling
    Tory Overton
    Erin Smith
    Jax Smith
    Jamie Graul
    Aonason Riley

    Aonason Riley
    Davis Notary
    Stephanie Danson
    Tory Johnson
    Jax Smith
    Doug Nelson
    Lachelle Smith
    LaKisha Jackson
    Rachel Frank


    MBA. Our Main Barn for Champions (30 stalls)
    A. Racehorses #1 (150 stalls)
    B. Racehorses #2 (150 stalls)
    C. Broodmares (150 stalls)
    D. Stallions (150 stalls)
    E. Untrained Horses( 150 stalls)
    F. Horses in Training (150 stalls)
    G. Retired horses (50 stalls)
    H. Showhorses (mares) (150 stalls)
    I. Showhorses (studs) (150 stalls)
    J. Visiting Showhorses (150 stalls)
    K. Visiting Racers (150 stalls)
    L. Vaulting Horses (20 stalls)
    M. Isolated Barn for Horses with Illnesses (20 stalls)

    Notice: You will be notified if your horse can board in the Main Barn

    1 dirt racing track
    1 turf racing track
    1 dirt training track
    1 turf training track

    Example's Of our Horses

    MBA ranges from beginners to Olympians. We don't have only 1 or 2
    specialties, but many. Our horses not only come from the US, but also from around the world.

    Our farms stallion roster includes the likes of HBPS stallions:

  • HHAA Prancing Gold
    (also in the HSA Honor Society)
  • HHAA Magnolia

    Our Racing roster includes the likes of our successful 1997 HOCK Triple Crown runners:

  • Ice Dancer
  • Dappling in Design

    Our Broodmares include:

  • Act Of Faith
  • Ima Lady
  • Southern Sky
  • Siebert's Twirly Curl

    Our Western horses include:

  • Kid O Smoke
  • Hustler's Harmony

    Our Vaulting horses include:

  • Golden Sunset
  • Tip Top

    Our Dressage horses:

  • Iron Eagle III
  • Majestic Ms.
  • Dutchess
  • Sundance Mistress

    Our Hunter/Jumpers include:

  • Undefeated, Pop Fizz
  • HHAA Prancing Gold

    Our Eventing Horses Star:

  • Regal Fire
  • HHAA Magnolia

    Our Racers include:
    Cat in the Hat, qualifier in the HOCK Triple Tiara
    California Rock(IRE), qualifier in the HOCK Triple Crown
    Mazda 626, qualifier in the HOCK Handicap.

    Notice: Those were only some of our oustanding horses at MBA. We just put them there for a reference :o)

    Our Farm

    Our Farm is made up of entirely Kentucky Bluegrass and Pure Grazing Land. When you first arrive at MBA if you look to your right, you may see our stallions out in their paddocks grazing. Many of our studs are retired and look forward to this daytime treat, so you may see them galloping about. To your right during the early months of the year, you may see our yearlings playing gracefully, and racing though the paddock. In the later months of the year, there are the weanlings. Then, you come across the barns which are in a oval shape surrounding the tracks. To the left of the Barns, our Retirees may be grazing. To the right, are our broodmares and if it is before weaning time their foals. To the back of the barns are the visiting horses, the vaulters, and the Showhorses, To the farthest back are our race horses. We Have 500 5 acre pastures, 2 swimming pools for injured horses, 5 indoor arenas, 12 outdoor arenas, 3 Cross Country courses, 2 breeding sheds, and A Sale Ring. We teach all of our horses to adjust to the sale ring before we sell them so they all are perfectly mannered.


    We enjoy having horses in our barns. We do not have a boarder's barn because we feel it isolates the horses and their owners. Each horse is put in the barn according to its discipline. We also believe in having good things come for low prices. We have taken time to decide on a low-priced, yet money earning price for a boarding. We came up with a boarding fee of $100 per month for the first horse, and $75 per month for each additional horse. Included in the fee is a warm comfortable stall for each horse, an acre of grassy paddock for the horse, a blanket with our colors and MBA on the side, and the owner receives 5% off each race or show held at our barn. We also offer training by a certified trainer for little to nothing. Do you think it is worth it to your horses to have all this, yet it still saves your budget money.

    Consider boarding with us and your horse will be happy and you'll be satisfied.

    To Board fill out the form below:


    Your Name:
    E-Mail Address:
    Horse's Name :


    *Please be patient and press the button ONCE! Also, please put your correct e-mail address in order for a reply from us!*

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