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The Story of My Life and My World

Hello There!

Welcome to my humble home. Too bad this is only a virtual home, so I can't offer you any drinks :-) But wait, there are other virtual refreshments in this site. Besides MIDI music, you can also find stuff for you to take home. Go ahead, help yourself! The balloon on the left is your aid to navigate in this site. By the way, don't forget to sign the guestbook and show everyone you've been here.

What's New

MeshDemo 3D polygon mesh renderer capable of rendering in wireframe, flat, Gouraud and Phong models. MeshDemo is Java-based and open source by the Gnu GPL.

Interaction Systems A research I did on human-computer interaction systems. It explores the possibility of an Indonesian-language web browser.

Sports Club Information System The project I done for the Software Engineering class. It is an accounting system for a sports club.

Computer Graphics Assignments for the Computer Graphics course that I took during the fourth semester. The materials includes 2-D drawing algorithms and 3-D rendering algorithms.

Faculty of Economics Academic Information System A project I done with Ristek Fasilkom. It is an information system for the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Expression Evaluator an open-source command line calculator. Distributed under the Gnu GPL.

Dakon Master DOS-based game of congklak, a traditional Javanese game originally played with wooden board and a set of sea shells.

Weblog a web-based log I'm about to maintain. It is provided freely by

Warning: Personal Homepage

Being a really personal homepage, this site contains mostly about me. See the title up there? Yup, only about my life and my world: where I went to school, what I'm currently doing, etc. But anyway, you got here because you want to know about me, right? Well, you've found right place. Here you can find my life story, photographs, my works and several other bits about me. So, read on!

This home page was established at February 21st, 1997, when GeoCities was young at the address EnchantedForest/1110. My original reason in creating it was simply because of the personal home page hype. Being the object of my HTML-JavaScript experiments, this site originally contained a photo album, file downloads, MIDI archive and links from my bookmarks.


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