Global Failure Analysis by Weighted Finite Element Method

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Based on the stress output from the regular finite element analysis, a new weighted method (WFEM) was developed to perform the global failure analysis and design for two dimension geotechnical problems.

First, the local safety factor of each element is calculated from the Mohr shear failure assumption. Then the possible failure surface is searched throughout the defined searching zone, like those slope stability softwares. The global safety factor is defined as the weighted sum of local element safety factors, only those elements on the final failure surface.

The advantages of this new method:


The new Hyperbolic-Theta Model and 2D quadrate element are adopted to simulate soil. The linear elastic materal model, beam element, and 2D quadrate element are used for the nonsoil structure part. The input data file is similar to those for regular FEM software, except it needs eight more points to define a searching zone.

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