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Click here to download the PowerPoint show on Pascal's Triangle that I used in Charleston, SC during the NCTM Regional conference.

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Instructions from the graphing workshop that I did on February 9th at the Pattern Exploration Follow-up can be found here by clicking on the Sierpinski Triangle.

The wresting and Nascar pages have been updated!! A new message board has been added!! And more changes to come!! Come back often to see what a guy with too much time on his hands is doing!!

Seeing as how this is a personal web page, I thought I'd put some personal information on here. To find out more about me, click on my biography page.

I have also added a new message board. You can go there and let me know you were here, just say hello, tell me what you think of my site, or just tell me what a swell guy I am!! (I do not expect many of the latter comments.)

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And now, on to the rest of the page!!!

Golf. The most royal and ancient of games. I am a huge fan, and I do attempt to play the game. I have dedicated quite a bit of work to my passion and philosophy of the game of golf. Trust m: this is quite a bit different than the stuffy Royal and Ancient St. Andrews views on the game. To visit my golf information, click on the picture.

Being in the south, I have no choice but to be a NASCAR fan.  It has become a lot of fun, especially once you get to know the personalities in the cars.  Click the NASCAR image to go to my racing page.

When it comes to Monday nights, there can be no doubt as to what will be on my television:  Wrasslin'!!  None of that wimpy amateur stuff.  I mean real hittin', bitin', and head stompin' action!! I am not a big NWO fan but if you click on that sign, you'll go to my wrestling page.

Some might think it strange considering racing and wrestling are two of my favorite time wasters, but I have become a huge fan of chess and I am studying the game to learn how to play well.  Click on the board to go to my chess page.

I also have a strange attraction to movies that are so bad that they are humorous and entertaining.  I have started a list of movies that I have personally seen and are truly horrible.  Click on the panic button (the smiley thing to the left.) to go there.

This page has been accessed times, but, ask yourself: Is this just a little more information than I really need to know?

And, in case anybody asks you in the next, oh, let's say, ten seconds what time it is, you can tell them that the time is:Clock Ain't that just great??


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